Winter Travel Book Roundup (Food Trails, Atlas Obscura, Lonely Planet Thailand & Vietnam)

♠ BOOK IT! Travel Book Roundup (Winter 2017). We’ve got a few Lonely Planet titles to tell you about (a trio of destination guides to Southeast Asia), a tempting worldwide food guide (Food Trails from Lonely Planet Food), as well as Atlas Obscura, one our favorite non-traditional travel books.

Food Trails by Lonely Planet Food

Lonely Planet’s Food Trails, like a good meal, is a rich, flavorful book full of enough tips to satiate your travel bug and enough food pics to make you hungry. Very hungry. It offers tons of ideas on where to go in the world for the best food and how to best experience. I love the general premise of the book, which lets you “plan 52 perfect weekends in the world’s tastiest destinations” – one tasty destination for each week of the year. (This fits in with our overall website theme, quick trips to fit in a weekend!) The guides range from the typical foodie spots, like Greece, Argentina, China, Italy, Indonesia, Japan, Portugal, Spain, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam, to less-known culinary sites of intrigue, like Iceland, Jordan, Oman, Slovakia, Scotland, New Zealand, and Seychelles. Intrigued? This book is irresistible. Dig in.

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Atlas Obscura

Atlas Obscura needs no introduction. It is the opposite of any travel guide you’ve ever read and will have you hanging on til the last page. Based on the Atlas Obscura website, the book chronicles the coolest, most off-kilter, rambunctious destinations you’ve never heard of. This book will make you see the world in a whole new way and wonder why you’ve never read a book like this before. It’s an absolute joy to read.

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Lonely Planet Thailand, Lonely Planet Vietnam, and Discover Thailand

For travelers to Southeast Asia, including the travel lovers’ bargain destinations of Thailand and Vietnam, may we recommend two titles for Thailand: Lonely Planet’s Discover Thailand and Lonely Planet Thailand, and for Vietnam, Lonely Planet Vietnam. Everyone knows the Lonely Planet series of books. But are they worth it?

Discover” (by Lonely Planet) is one of my favorite travel series because it has more photos and full-color maps, and great feature lists. I find this series an easier book to peruse for those who already have lots of information from online and just want the core details and some good features and lists. It’s a quick and easy way to get immersed into a destination and develop an itinerary without getting too bogged down in detail. The lists make it fun to read and are great for starting off and getting an idea of what to delve into.

The “Lonely Planet” series, on the other hand, is your classic travel guide. It offers less in terms of color photos, but more in terms of information and content.Seriously, if you’re going to Thailand, pack Lonely Planet’s Discover Thailand and Thailand into your carry-on, and you’re good to go. Supplement it with lots of online travel for another perspective, and you’ve got all the info you need to keep you informed on your trip. It’d be a mistake not to take this with you. I just wish it had a bit more info on the Krabi area since this is where we spent much of our time (perhaps the 4th edition, out now, will; we reviewed the 3rd edition). Lonely Planet Vietnam is the same story. Unfortunately, there isn’t yet a “Discover Vietnam” book but I urge Lonely Planet to come up with one! I certainly don’t see travel to Vietnam getting any less popular anytime soon..

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