Top 3 Easy Online Money-Saving Tips for Canadian Travelers

Here are some must-use tips for cheaper trips for Canadians planning or booking a vacation.

Save money while booking to places like this (Orange County, CA)

Save money while booking to places like this (Orange County, CA)

1. Sign up and book travel through Ebates. Sign up here. Basically anything you normally purchase online, you can click through to the site on Ebates and if you do, get rebates of often 1 to 10% on bookings you’d make otherwise. It’s a shame not to join. Expedia often has up to 8% cash back, and countless travel sites are included. Make sure to take advantage of limited-time deals such as the $30 cash back for every plane ticket bought through FlightHub. Note: Great Canadian Rebates is also a great alternative!

2. Get a credit card that gives valuable travel rewards. 3 of my favorites are Air Miles Amex, Starwood SPG Amex (first year free, 20,000 SPG points for free which allows free hotel nights in great properties), or Aeroplan TD Visa (first year free, 25,000 points free). If your credit is good, adding a card or two more every year (even cancelling and re-applying!) may not be as harmful to your credit score as you would expect, and can net you some amazing travel rewards. Note: an obvious but well-intentioned warning–credit card rewards sign-up rewards are only a good value if you pay off your credit cards on time!

3. Visit Next Departure for great flight deals. I’m seeing tons of $500-600 flights from Edmonton (my departure city) to cities all over the world and I’m just angry I don’t have more vacation days to take advantage! May flights stay this cheap and continue to get cheaper..  (Edmontonians should definintely visit and subscribe to YEG Deals!)

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