LetsGetAway.ca is dedicated to the fine art of leaving everything behind to enjoy more of life, elsewhere. If only for agiant few days, more if you’re lucky. Travel is one of the highlights of life, available to anybody with time and a few dollars to invest in a journey to another world.

Who are we? We are tourists. We are citizens of Alberta, Canada, aged like a fine wine in our early thirties, and we love to get away when we can. We are Chico and Boo. Chico (real name Roberto) loves to plan trips, ski, hike, write, mow the lawn, listen to sick beats, and Netflix and chill. He’s dating Boo (real name Trang). The name Chico means “boy” in Spanish but Boo considers him a man. The name “Chico” is a loving memory of a tapas place in Seville where to server would constantly refer to him as Chico whenever another tapas order was ready to pick up from the bar. Boo affectionately refers to him with the name to this day.

We aim for this website to be a repository of info and media meant to stimulate your travel bug and keep you coming back for more. Like online crack. Stay tuned.